You Absolute Dreamer

The new dance theater piece You Absolute Dreamer, inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's magnum opus The Great Gatsby, is The MoveShop's first project under their new name.  It is a hot-blooded rollercoaster that distills the themes of the novel into movement, and points to the contemporary relevance of the novel as it relates to the American Dream, personal desire and the coexistence of great excess with crippling destitution.  




Directed + Co-Choreographed by:  Leslie Guyton

Composed by:  Colin Summers

Co-Choreographed by: Stephanie Jingle

Lighting Design by:  Erik Fox

Costume, Properties + Set Design by:  Stephanie Cluggish

Projection Design by:  Nicholas Hussong

Stage Manager: Malcom Moon

Company Manager: Sam Owens



Quincy Ellis, Stephanie Jingle, Katie Mattar, Cydney McQuillan-Grace, Chris Saphire, Ben Sloane, Colin Summers


Ensemble Performers:

Jendaya Dash, Marie Davis, Emma Fitzsimmons, Sarah Grace, Scott Larsen, Greg Pragel, Caitlin Sheppard



Stay tuned for new learning opportunities with The MoveShop, coming soon!

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