Moontides PosterMoontides began the narrative dance theatre work of The MoveShop.  With the aid of "The Professor" and "The Title-Card Girl", the audience is transported into the world of "The Woman of Jermoondi" who escapes from her mundane life in rural Ohio by falling into a watery dream.  Within this liquid vision, she rediscovers a lost love - "The Man Who Smelled of Crushed Grapes," and his debilitating struggle with addiction.  Through emotionally charged modern dance performances, Moontides recounts a tale of rekindled love and the personal obstacles standing in its way.

Briana Carlson-Goodman
Olivia Micou Cerf
Dana E. Fitchett
Ricardo Foster Jr.
Eliza Lay
Cydney McQuillan-Grace
Isabelita Mendoza
Erin Newhall
Ben Sloane
Colin Summers

Director & Co-Producer: Leslie Guyton
Choreographer & Co-Producer: Liza Hostetler-Ingalls

Costume Designer: Numidas Prasarn

Lighting Designer: Erik Fox

Sound Designer: Andy Chugg

Stage Manager: Rowan Salem



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